Progress Report from the Office of the Chief Information Officer

April 2011

A Message from Laura Patterson

Our ultimate NextGen Michigan vision is to provide education, community support and resources to allow individuals to use technology to do amazing things. This update shares our progress to date. Read more »

  • Our goal is to continually reduce our IT costs and invest in the core missions of the university
  • ITS $7 million budget actions

Governance Committee Update

The IT Council is defining the university's NextGen Michigan vision. Read more »

  • Creating a master IT plan is at the top of the list.
    • Domain stewards are preparing vision statements
    • Roadmap and plan will translate vision into action
  • Governance Decisions
    • Collaboration efforts continue progressing
    • CTools goes to the next level

Research Computing

CIRRUS (Computing & Information Resources for Research as a Utility Service), a set of research computing services aligned with NextGen Michigan, provides shared high performance computing option. Read more »

  • 64 U-M research groups and professors of four U-M courses using Flux, a new high performance computing service
  • Pending funding request creates full research computing department complete with research computing technical positions, training, communications and hardware and software for best-in-class services

Learning and Teaching

We have great education technology plans to transform the academic computing environment using our open source solution, Sakai, or as we commonly refer to it, CTools. Read more »

  • Executive officers funded U-M's participation in the new Sakai platform, Open Academic Environment
  • Campus advisory group in place
  • Team is evaluating integration options between CTools and Google product offerings

Shared Infrastructure

New data center option provides cheaper, faster solutions with a modular eco-friendly approach. Read more »

  • Energy usage projections are 50% less than a traditional data center

Cellular coverage enhancement saves money and provides better service. Read more »

  • U-M is using innovative approach to reduce installation costs
  • Effort opens the door to eliminating landline phone sets and supporting equipment

Creating a Shared Service Organization

Information and Technology Services (ITS) Responds to Campus Feedback. Read more »

The organization is responding to feedback in numerous ways:

  • New customer relationship manager role will result in services that better meet campus needs
  • New ITS Service Center combines help desks expanding hours of availability

Administrative Computing

Read more »

  • New development relationship management system on track
  • Totally new online directory for faculty, staff and students and other members of the U-M community is part of a larger identity management system
  • Travel Registry helps U-M faculty, staff and students go global and extends a life line in emergencies
  • New website launching this summer helps students easily apply for international programs