General Information Technology Policies


Categories of university-wide Information Technology guidance include:

  • IT Policies articulate the university's values, principles, strategies, and positions relative to a broad IT topic. They are designed to guide organizational and individual behavior and decision-making. They are concise, high-level, and independent of a given technology. University IT policies are mandatory.

  • IT standards specify requirements for becoming compliant with university IT policies, other university policies, as well as applicable laws and regulations. Standards may include technical specifications and are mandatory.

  • IT guidelines provide guidance and best practices relative to a particular IT topic. They may accompany, interpret, or provide guidance for implementing IT policies, other university policies, or applicable laws and regulations. University IT guidelines are not mandatory.

  • IT Procedures document "how to" accomplish specific IT tasks or use IT services. These procedures may be localized to reflect the practices or requirements of a specific unit.

Responsible Use

These policies deal with protecting the rights of the community and individual community members in regard to access to the information resource infrastructure, sharing of information, and security of intellectual products.

Privacy and Security

These policies deal with protection of the information assets controlled by the University of Michigan.

Data Management

These policies deal with management and protection of the University of Michigan's institutional data resources.

This Standard sets expectations for compliance with respect to sensitive regulated data that fall under federal or state laws or regulations:

This Guideline sets expectations for fiduciary and stewardship responsibilities in the management of U-M information resources:

Digital Copyright

This site deals with the University of Michigan's compliance with the digital copyright protection provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

To report a digital copyright violation, contact

Information Technology System Standards

These policies deal with standards for assigning domain names related to the University of Michigan.

IT Accessibility