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Michigan IT Symposium Presenter Materials

Congratulations on being accepted as a presenter at the Michigan IT Symposium.

The information on this page will answer your questions and provide guidance as you prepare your material for this event. The IT landscape is changing with the emerging cloud technologies. This year’s symposium encourages us to focus on how IT work at Michigan is transforming with the proliferation of cloud technologies and services we provide. As you plan for this event, please consider the impact cloud may have on your topic.

FAQ for All Presenters

  • When is the Michigan IT Symposium?
    The event will take place the afternoon of Monday, November 20, and all day Tuesday, November 21, at the Michigan League on the Ann Arbor campus.

  • Do I need to register for the event?
    Yes. If you plan to attend any other part of the event outside the portion you are presenting, we ask that you please register. Registration will open in mid-October at this website.

  • I have a question not answered here. Who should I contact?
    Please send questions to michigan-it-symposium@umich.edu.

Poster Presentations

All poster presenters are encouraged to review 2017 Poster Tips for Michigan IT Symposium.

FAQ for Poster Sessions

  • When does my poster need to be ready?
    Poster presenters may submit drafts of their posters for feedback by EOD September 29. Final print-ready, PDF formatted posters are due to the event committee by October 20.

  • What poster template should I use when designing my poster?

    All participants should use the poster template corresponding to their poster category:

  • Do I have to print my own poster?
    No. The event committee will handle all printing costs and logistics. Your poster will be set up and waiting for you at the event.

  • What time is the poster session?
    Poster sessions will take place the afternoon of Monday, November 20, (tentatively 3:30–5:30 p.m.) and the morning of Tuesday, November 21, (tentatively 10:40–11:30 a.m.). Exact times will be announced in mid-October.

  • Can more than one person present a poster?
    Due to space limitations, we encourage only one presenter to stand with each poster. Additional representatives are welcome to attend the event, but should plan on participating in the poster session as an attendee. You may also take have representatives take turns presenting.

  • Can I keep my poster?
    Yes. If you wish to keep your poster, please plan on taking it at the end of the day. Posters remaining after 4 p.m. on November 21 will be discarded.

Submit Poster for Michigan IT Symposium

Please read before submitting your poster

  • Submit your poster in a PDF format.
  • Materials will not be reviewed for spelling or grammar errors. Authors should submit carefully written and proofread material.
  • Type your name and poster title In the description field when you submit your file.

Presentations & Sessions

Information for presenters of presentations, birds of a feather, and hands on training sessions.

All presenters are encouraged to take time to review 2017 Presentation Tips for Michigan IT Symposium Presenters. Hosts of birds of a feather sessions will find this guide helpful.

FAQ for Presentations, Birds of the Feather Sessions, and Hands On Training

  • When does my presentation need to be ready?
    Presentations are due to the event committee by November 16.

  • Is there a presentation template I should use for this event?
    An optional presentation template is available (PowerPoint or Google Slides).

  • What time is my session scheduled?
    The event committee will contact you in early November with the time of your session.

  • What time should I plan to arrive?
    Please plan on getting to the room where your session is at least 15 minutes in advance. This ensures the room host can show you how to use any A/V equipment and make introductions.

  • Will I be recorded?
    Some presentations may be recorded, but we are unable to record all of them.

  • There is pre-work that needs to be completed by participants prior to my Hands On Training session, what is the best way to handle this?
    To expedite your hands on training session with as little interruption as possible, please send a complete list of pre-work to michigan-it-symposium@umich.edu by October 27.

  • Will I have power and/or internet access?
    Most rooms at the Michigan League are equipped with power strips and internet connectivity. Please contact michigan-it-symposium@umich.edu to request additional A/V equipment.

Submit Presentation for Michigan IT Symposium

Please read before submitting your Presentation or Session Materials

  • Only use this form if you are submitting your presentation in a Microsoft PowerPoint format. If you prefer to use a Google Presentation format, please share your document with michigan-it-symposium@umich.edu.
  • Materials will not be reviewed for spelling or grammar errors. Authors should submit carefully written and proofread material.
  • Type your name and presentation title in the description field.