Easily Leveraged Information

From MiChart to MiShare: Clinical Data for Research
Arika Owens, UMMS; Jeff Cowall, HITS

How Collaboration Services Uses Splunk
Richard Sawoscinski, ITS

Integrating Patient Report Outcome Measures in Clinical Care, Teaching, and Research Using MiChart
Elizabeth Seif, Mahathy Kuchibhatla, Tony Barden, Adam Schneider, Karen Burger, UMHS

MPTCQ Pharmacists Using Technology for Data Collection
Julie Geyer, UMHS; Michael Hess, SI; Kyle Swanson, SI

PCI - Building a secure infrastructure for financial transactions at U-M
Evan Blumenstein, Doug Cox, Mandie Chapman, Michael Meister, ITS

Psychology Text Messaging System
Jocelyn Anderson, LSA

Transportation Research using Mobile Technology
Will Burns, Jane Zhao, Kevin Jeong, ITS

Update on Cross-Institutional API Manager Implementation
API Manager Leadership team, ITS; HITS; Dental School; LSA; IIA; Compliance

Experience Based Interview Techniques
Erik Hofer, SI; Aimee Lahann, Robert Jones, Reid Paxton, Kevin Jones, Eric Brannon, ITS

Turn On Two-Factor for Your U-M Info
Earnest King, Janet Eaton, DePriest Dockins, ITS; ICPSR; HITS; LSA; UMSI; Dental; Student Life

Access to Google APIs via a Reusable Microservice
David Haines, Zhen Qian, Pushyami Gundala, ITS

The Why, Where, What and Who of the Campuswide WiFi Upgrade Project
Leslie Williamson, Dana Farrell; Michele Corcoran, ITS, Multiple Units

Accessing cloud storage with Kumo
Damon Elgas, Don Lambert, CAEN

Learning Health System

After the Honeymoon: Is MSIS still hitched to Service Level Commitments?
Michael Warden, Emily Fuentes, Gray Carper, Eric Weimer, Monica Webster, Charlotta Jared, Jamie Keeley, Elaine Lauerman, Stratos Kotzabassi, HITS

AirWatch Bundle of Mobile Clinical Applications
Carolyn Rockafellow, HITS; Taubman Library

An Exercise in Restraints: Improving Nursing Quality through Analytics
Craig Brunskole, Kim Nelsen, Tommy Fung, Amy Zhao, Ashley Chen, Meilan Huang, HITS

Learning Laboratory

Benefits of Continuous Integration
John Diehl, Kyle Dove, Gonzalo Silverio, ITS

Open.Michigan OER Support
Jeff Bennett, Molly Kleinman, HITS

Using Geolocation Technologies for Teaching & Learning
John Diehl, Kyle Dove, Gonzalo Silverio, ITS

Wordpress for Individualized Student Learning
Rachel Wologo, Anthony King, Teresa Horton, Carla Stellrect, Elizabeth Fomin, LSA; ISS; LTC

Scaling the deployment of tablets in moving surveys from paper to pixels
Kyle S. Kwaiser, Meredith House, U-M Survey Research Operations

Minimal Administrative Overhead

College of Engineering Faculty Activity Reports
Tong Sun, Justin Laby, Thomas Knox, CAEN

Dashboards with Filemaker
Brittany May, SSW

Got Software?
Danielle Thompson, ITS

ITS Project Planning Bazaar
Mashon Allen, Rob Thomas, Mark Davis-Craig, Jennifer Murray, ITS

LSA Undergraduate Student Advising File Redesign
Anne Rickert, Matt Olex, LSA

Measuring The Financial Performance of Medical School Academic Departments
Diana Witowski, Tyler Hughes, Julie Hardesty, John Moje, UMMS

MiBackup - Your Solution for Server Data Protection
Eric Lakin, Nancy Medd, Ben Balk, ITS

PowerPivot - What it can do for you
Samantha Linden, Student Life Budget and Finance

COBALT - Tracking Building Occupancy and Beyond
Levi Zander, Sheila O'Meara, Cathy Andrews, Brad Battey, LSI

Streamlining Business Continuity Planning UM-Flint
Joel Howard, Donald Wilcox, Tim Todd, ITS

Teamwork via Teamwork: How Organizations of Any Size Can Benefit from a Centralized Solution
Ridley Jones, SI; Andre Zoldan, AAUM; Nic Ramirez, AAUM; Jason Kefalas, AAUM

Performance Excellence and Reporting
Chuck Sulikowski, Elle Loesch, Carrie West, Carrie Brezine, ITS

Unified Research Ecosystem

Intern Health Study Mobile App
Amanda Wright, Misty Periard, HITS

Nurture a University-Wide IT Community