2017 Michigan IT Symposium Posters

The following 2017 Michigan IT Symposium posters will be on display in the Vandenberg and Hussey Rooms of the Michigan League, Monday, November 20, from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. and all day Tuesday, November 21. Poster presenters will be available for discussion and questions in the afternoon session on November 20 and from 10:40 – 11:30 a.m. on November 21.


Innovations in Teaching & Learning

GEFF Lives: A Hacks With Friends Success Story
Britain Woodman, ITS Teaching & Learning; Diana Perpich and Breanna Hamm, University Library

Google Team Drive
Brian Cors and Jennifer Mruk, ITS

Interactive Room Entrance Signage
John Pariseau and Phil Treib, College of Engineering

Learning Analytics with Problem Roulette Caliper Data
Zhen Qian, Lance Sloan, Pushyami Gundala, and Xianyue Li, ITS

Lecture Recording Status Light
John Pariseau and Phil Treib, College of Engineering

Medical School Application Ecosystem
Leif Myklebust, HITS; Yuying Tian, U-M Medical School

Ticks and Trips - Mapping in Tableau
Tom Cook, HITS

Enabling Research

Another FreezerNanny, Same Features and More Secure
Manhong Dai, Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute

The API Directory: Taking the Enterprise Information Architecture to the Next Level
Michael Sheppard and Kranthi Bandaru, ITS

Automation, Code Review and Configuration Management at CAEN
Dakota Lambert, Katarina Lukaszewicz, and Jonathan Billings, CAEN

Completing The Research Data Life Cycle Through Technology
Matthew Richardson, Harsha Ummerpillai, and Tom Murphy, Inter-university Consortium of Social and Political Science

Data Ingestion and Processing at Scale
Jeffrey Sica, ARC-TS

Development of a Cloud Based Analysis Workflow of Laser Scattering Data
Todd Raeker, ARC-TS

The DSI BigData Cluster
Matt McLean, ARC-TS

MDST - A Model for Data Science Education through Public Service
Arya Farahi, Physics Department, LSA and Jonathan Stroud, CSE Department, CAEN

An Open Source Partnership for Bench-Marking and Monitoring Networks and Internet Infrastructure: perfSONAR at the University of Michigan
Eric Boyd, Ed Colone, and Kristoffer Steinhoff, ITS

OSiRIS: Federated Multi-Institutional Research Storage Cloud
Ben Meekhof, ARC-TS; Shawn McKee, LSA Physics

Research Data Services at Michigan Medicine
Ben Meekhof, ARC-TS; Shawn McKee, LSA PhysicsKyle Kerbawy, Fusen Li, HITS

Secret Management in the Cloud Era
Bob Killen, ARC-TS

Supporting Central Biorepository Growth by Gathering Accurate Requirements for LabVantage in Less Time
Amy Yamasaki and Savanna Sneeringer, HITS

A True Life Text Message Adventure with Qualtrics and PHP
Brandy R. Sinco, Joseph A. Himle, and Katie M. Check; School of Social Work

The U-M Electronic Research Notebook
Ryan Echlin, John Herlocher, and Steve Gendler, HITS

Using Cloud Resources at UM to Enhance Health Services Research
Patrick Brady, IHPI

Using Michigan Intelligence to Negate IT Security Threats
Matthew Coons, ITS

Yottabyte Research Cloud - Bringing the Cloud on Prem
Bob Killen, Jeff Sica, and Jeremy Hallum, ARC-TS

Transforming Patient Care

Engaging Patients in Blood Pressure Control
Sean Newman, Max Geisendorfer, Jenny Chen, Nicolle Marinec, and John Piette, Center for Managing Chronic Disease; Steve Fayz and Adam Schneider, Michart; Hae Mi Choe and Amy Settles, Pharmacy Innovations; Elizabeth Seif, Ambulatory Care Services

Five Years of Practice Transformation in Michigan - The Ride and the Results
Ellen Bunting, Susan Stephans, Marty Kosla, and Myron Hepner; Michigan Medicine, HITS

Michigan Medicine Hybrid Cloud
Dallas Green, David Ging, Kamal Haddad, John Walsh; Michigan Medicine, HITS

Michigan Medicine: NAC and Connected Device Inventory
Nathan Haley, Jason Mishka, and Chuck Singer, Michigan Medicine

Scheduling Flu Shots Online
Mahathy Kuchibhatla, Terri Dewyer, Kim Worman, Tracey Newhouse, and Greta Branford, HITS, Ambulatory Care Services, and Michigan Visiting Nurses

Reconciling Immunizations Efficiently and Accurately
Meghan Monson, HITS; Elizabeth Seif, Ambulatory Care Services

Utilizing Data to Predict Nurse Workload
Shannon Fearday, Lizann Varadi-Ginsberg, Tracy Davis, Rob Wonnacott, Donna Wilson, Kristen Shekut, Jennifer Siev; Michigan Medicine and School of Nursing

Supporting the People Side of Technology Change

AV = Abundant Value: How Audiovisual Standards Can Save Money and Improve Efficiency.
Robert Levitt, Eric Wolf and Christopher Goosman, HITS

Change by the Numbers: Implementing Cloud-Based Duo at U-M
Kyle Cozad, Janet Eaton, Matt Martin, and Jessica Rohr, ITS

Data Integration to Salesforce with Informatica Cloud
Haley Gould, Shelly Turner, and Scott Berkley; ITS and Ross School of Business

Digital Signage - Content Management Simplified
Dave McConnell, ITS

Faculty Applicant Management System
Robert LaRoe and Brittany May, School of Social Work

Faculty Economics and Planning - Faculty Financial Snapshot
Tyler Hughes, Medical School

Google Drive Scanner
Heather Miller, Justin Oblak, and Spenser Williams, Office of University Development

How Web Hosting is Changing?
Brian Cors and Jennifer Mruk, ITS

Improving the Customer Experience: Blurring the Lines Between Support Tiers
Holly Schell and William Bingham, ITS

ITS Tech Repair, Support Solutions for Campus
Justin Day, ITS

Layer Cake: Using Dynamic Dashboards to Tell the Story
Paul Wiklanski and Dan Huangfu, Office of University Development

Managing departmental events data using Filemaker
Vinita Bolleddu and Joe Gorde, School of Education

Michigan IT Community
Lisa Callihan, LSA IT

Michigan Medicine: Cloud Managed Network Infrastructure for Remote Facilities
Ransom Roquemore, Jason Mishka, and Chuck Singer, Michigan Medicine

Paving the Road to Retirement for CTools Project Sites
Jennifer Love and Cathy Crouch, ITS

Piloting Peoplesoft Systems in the Cloud
Brian McRae, Kunal Bansal, Mark McManamay, David Novara, Ravi Sharma, and Ryan Vis, ITS

Rewriting the Michigan App
Will Burns, Kevin Jeong, Jane Zhao, and Alissa Chan, ITS

Trello: Enabling Kanban Boards in the Cloud.
Helen Fitzgerald, Mark Barlow, and Tyler Worman, Michigan Medicine and HITS

UM-Flint ITS Intranet
Donald Wilcox and Joel Howard, UM-Flint ITS

UnITy: The integration of MCIT and MSIS
Liz Lind, HITS

Vendor Security Risk Management
Debra Haslam, Eric Oliver, and Kelly Burns; U-M Information Assurance (UMIA), Michigan Medicine, and U-M Technology Procurement

Michigan IT 200 (U-M Bicentennial)

Cross-Campus Collaboration to Share Knowledge and Best Practices in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Heather Newman, School of Information; Daniel Fessahazion, Duderstadt Center - Emerging Technologies Group; Moe Daraiseh, School of Environment and Sustainability; John Hufnagel, College of Engineering