2017 Michigan IT Symposium: November 20 & 21

The 2017 Michigan IT Symposium

President Schlissel has set ambitious goals for our university around data science and enhancing our student and faculty researchers’ ability to tap into the enormous potential of big data. We are poised to help U-M faculty, researchers, patient-care providers, and students tackle the huge challenges of our time—and the massive amounts of data their work requires—through the strategic use of cloud platforms.

The 2017 symposium focused on how IT work at Michigan is transforming with the proliferation of cloud technologies and services. It offered opportunities for Michigan IT staff to build new skills to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us. We also invited conversations of when cloud may not be the right choice, evaluating services and vendors, and supporting the people side of technology change.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Kelli Trosvig, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer and Andrew Rosenberg, MD, Chief Information Officer, Michigan Medicine

Keynote Address 

Kim S. Cameron, William Russell Kelly Chair of Management and Organizations; Professor of Higher Education, Co-founder, Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan

Materials from the Event

Poster Session
54 posters were displayed at the symposium. Poster topics fit into one of five categories: Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Enabling Research, Transforming Patient Care, Supporting the People Side of Technology Change, and Michigan IT 200 (U-M Bicentennial).

Breakout Sessions & Presentations
Community members shared their creations, insight, and discoveries in 27 breakout session presentations, hands on training and birds of feather sessions. Presentation materials and video recordings are available for some, but not all of the presentations.


2017 Michigan IT Symposium Event Photos

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Past Events

  • 2016: Nearly 500 IT staff, faculty, and administrators came together in November 2016 for the third annual Michigan IT Symposium. The 2016 event featured interactive sessions, hands-on-training, networking, and panel discussions about how the talents of the IT community enrich the U-M experience. See materials from the 2016 Michigan IT Symposium.
  • 2015: More than 450 IT staff, faculty, and administrators came together in November 2015 for the second annual Michigan IT Symposium. The 2015 event spanned two days and featured keynote speaker President Mark Schlissel. See materials from the 2015 Michigan IT Symposium.
  • 2014: More than 400 members of the Michigan IT community came together in November 2014 to create connections and celebrate the innovation occurring across all campuses. See materials from the 2014 Michigan IT Symposium.