Michigan IT Leadership Program

Current Status

The next on-campus cohort will start in 2017. The Michigan IT Steering Committee is working to adjust program curriculum to target staff who demonstrate potential for leadership opportunities and may not have prior formal leadership experience.

Stay tuned to the Michigan IT Newsletter for future announcements about this next program and how to communicate interest and/or recommend staff. 

Please direct any questions or comments to the Michigan IT steering committee.

The Office of the CIO sponsors an on-campus IT leadership program to strengthen the skills of IT leaders and develop and nurture the working relationships among IT staff across the university.


The Michigan IT steering committee is planning a new on-campus IT leadership program for 2017. The program will focus on providing a leadership language and developing leadership skills for less experienced IT staff who are leaders among their peers and have potential for advancement.  Specifically, the program will:

  • Create opportunity for IT staff to expand their connections and view of Michigan IT to be larger than their unit so that we can further build and sustain meaningful collaboration across units and central IT
  • Develop skills for giving and receiving feedback, managing up, strategic planning, staff development, and coaching  
  • Help IT staff grow in their appreciation of the many diverse priorities across the Michigan IT community and why those are important.
  • Build trust and a common language within the Michigan IT community

Program Structure

The program runs for approximately nine months, with a total of five two-day sessions. The program includes workshops, applied learning assignments, and opportunities for personal development including professional and peer coaching.

Selection Process

The CIO selects participants based on recommendations from deans, directors, the Michigan IT steering committee, and the Michigan IT community at-large. Considerations are made to ensure each cohort includes participants from a cross-section of units (academic and administrative, large and small, research and liberal arts, etc.).

ITLP Graduates

Cohort 1

  • Ed Adams, Ross School of Business
  • Jim Bujaki, Information and Technology Services
  • Bill Connett, Inst of Soc Research
  • Cathy Curley, Information and Technology Services
  • Kerry Flynn, School of Dentistry
  • Marissa Green, College of LSA
  • Ted Hanss, Medical School
  • Erik Hofer, School of Information
  • Terry Houser, Information and Technology Services
  • John Johnston, Information and Technology Services
  • Jeff Kennedy, Information and Technology Services
  • Mahendra Kumar, Stamps School of Art & Design
  • Greg Laman, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
  • Cindy Leavitt, Medical School
  • Dan Maletta, College of Engineering
  • Bill Manspeaker, Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Stephen McClatchey, College of Pharmacy
  • Shawn Nelson, Ford School of Public Policy
  • Kinnothan Nelson, School of Nursing
  • Eric Pinaud, College of LSA
  • Ryan Schell, School of Kinesiology
  • Carrie Schumaker, Information and Technology Services
  • Daniel St. Pierre, College of LSA
  • Steve Summers, University of Michigan Health System, Medical Center IT
  • David Sweetman, College of LSA
  • Regis Vogel, Development
  • Matt Walters, School of Social Work
  • Amy Wang, Information and Technology Services
  • Vlad Wielbut, School of Public Health
  • Jeff Wright, Housing

Cohort 2

  • Tim Ahlgren, College of LSA
  • Ryan Bankston, College of LSA
  • Patrick Belden, College of LSA
  • Dawn Brennan, Information and Technology Services
  • Dan Bruell, School of Dentistry
  • Lisa Callihan, College of LSA
  • Chris Chapman, Medical School
  • Erin Dietrich, College of LSA
  • Roger Gillie, School of Dentistry
  • Mark Giuffrida, College of Engineering
  • Bob Goffeney, Dearborn
  • Joseph Gorde, School of Education
  • Eric Heilmeier, Student Affairs
  • Nancy Herlocher, College of LSA
  • Sam Keith, Medical School
  • Dan Kiskis, Information and Technology Services
  • Jonathan Komorowski, Medical School
  • Dina Kurz, School of Public Health
  • Mike Lowry, Information and Technology Services
  • Scott Mahler, Digital Education & Innovation
  • David Mulder, Information and Technology Services
  • Brock Palen, Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services
  • Shawn Pollack, University of Michigan Health System, Medical Center IT
  • James Rasmussen, School of Nursing
  • Chip Reese, Information and Technology Services
  • Steve Sarrica, Medical School
  • Nimi Subramanian, University of Michigan Health System, Medical Center IT
  • Dima Tawakkol, Information and Technology Services
  • Dan Thompson, Rackham Graduate School
  • Chris Visel, Ross School of Business
  • Karen Wilson, College of LSA
  • Rich Wong, Information and Technology Services
  • Maurice York, University Library

Cohort 3

  • Mashon Allen, Information and Technology Services
  • Tom Amerman, Information and Technology Services
  • Scott Arnst, Information Technology Services - Flint
  • Marcus Blough, Institute for Social Research
  • Brian Braun, University of Michigan Health System, Medical Center IT
  • Jason Engling, Medical School Information Services
  • Dan Fessahazion, University Library
  • Sean Green, College of LSA 
  • Ryan Henyard, Medical School Information Services
  • Myron Hepner, University of Michigan Health System, Medical Center IT
  • Stefanie Horvath, Information and Technology Services
  • Vikki Jablonski, Office of University Development
  • Bob Jones, Information and Technology Services
  • Beth Kirschner, Information and Technology Services
  • Gretchen Kopmanis, College of LSA
  • Don Lambert, College of Engineering
  • John Lockard, School of Information
  • Steve Lonn, Digital Education & Innovation (DEI)
  • Duane Lute, College of LSA 
  • Bryan Martyn, Medical School Information Services
  • Steve Mattson, College of Engineering
  • Erin McCann, Office of Digital Education & Innovation
  • Michele Meissner, MLearning, Learning Management Services
  • Tony Mignano, Medical School Information Services
  • Tom Murphy, Institute for Social Research
  • Caleb Newman, Medical School Information Services
  • Tim O'Brien, Office of Digital Education & Innovation
  • Mark Personett, Information and Technology Services
  • Amitava Shee, Medical School Information Services
  • Chuck Singer, University of Michigan Health System, Medical Center IT
  • Emily Springfield, School of Dentistry
  • Matt Vuocolo, School of Dentistry
  • Monica Webster, Medical School Information Services
  • John Weise, University Library
  • Jerry Wood, Athletics