2016 Hacks with Friends

Get Ready for Hacks with Friends - March 1-2, 2018

The 2016 Hacks with Friends event was a great success! Nearly 100 IT professionals from across Michigan IT came together in the NCRC main cafeteria to create 17 amazing hacks. The teams were diverse with skill sets from across the entire IT career spectrum, including developers, web designers, data analysts, user experience experts, and business analysts—just to name a few. Each hack/project was built from scratch to completion during the two-day event, March 3 - 4, and presented for final judging on Friday afternoon.

And, the Winners Are!

1st Place: Term Report: Smart Ticket Creation from Terminal

  • Mark Champe, LSA IT
  • Drew Montag, MSIS
  • John Gallias, LSA IT
  • Raden Tonev, MICHR

2nd Place: Hashtag NoroVirus

  • Jamie Estill, MSIS
  • Jenny Balaze, ITS
  • Willy Wangsa, School Of Dentistry
  • Ali Kagalwala, MSIS
  • Aaron Stark, ITS
  • Chris Rowland, ITS
  • Jon Yu, ITS
  • Devin Webster, MCIT

3rd Place: Predicative Analytics

  • Michael Sheppard, ITS
  • Kyle Kerbawy, MSIS
  • Nisha Erinjeri, ITS
  • Kristen Jackson, ITS
  • Yonghee Stevens, ITS
  • Gail Lift, ITS
  • Bryan Hartman, ITS
  • Doug Heavrin-Brown, ITS

Videos of Judging Event and Award Presentation

2016 Event Photos

Themes for 2016 Event

The planning team identified the following themes for the 2016 Hacks With Friends event. The team tried to select themes that support U-M's IT Strategic Plan and align with the president's goals and the strategic goals of the Health System:

  • Mobile and our Missions: Hacks that apply mobility, integration, and consumerization of IT to further U-M's missions
    • Examples: Patient care at home, mobile-based learning, mobile analytics, supporting research with mobility, delivering patient care data on a mobile device
  • Connecting with our Campuses & Community: Hacks that use technology to enable interdisciplinary connections between our medical campus, academic campus, and/or community
    • Examples: Integration between the missions and IT, integration of students, patients, providers, and researchers, accessibility
  • Improving the Quality & Safety of our Environment: Hacks that use technology to enhance the efficiency and quality of teaching and learning, research, patient care, data security, or patient safety
    • Examples: Process improvements, quality of care, quality of our systems, IT security, physical security

Judges for 2016 Hacks with Friends

  • Stephanie Teasley - Faculty
  • Steve Summers - MCIT
  • Scott Taylor - ITS
  • David Sweetman - LS&A

2016 Hacks with Friends Planning Team

  • Carrie Shumaker - ITS
  • Jim Behm - MSIS
  • Steven Summers - UMHS
  • Rodney Nelson - MCIT
  • Dan Burgess - ITS
  • Mark Personett - ITS
  • Nancy Herlocher - LSA
  • Joel Iverson - ITS