History of Technology at U-M

An Interactive Timeline of Creating and Inventing

U-M Bicentennial

Michigan IT Bicentennial Project

A cross-campus team of IT professionals recently received a U-M Bicentennial grant to develop an interactive timeline that will highlight the rich history of U-M’s technological heritage, success, and occasional failure. Supported by the Michigan IT Steering Group and burgeoning grassroots interest on campus, the timeline will show how U-M has been on the forefront of technology that shapes higher education and long-term change.

By partnering with individuals in the Michigan IT and U-M community, we will present stories from across campus that can be enjoyed during the U-M Bicentennial Festival and afterwards.

Read the full grant proposal for History of Technology at U-M.

Get Involved!

If you or someone from your unit is interested in contributing stories or abilities to the project, please send an email to IT.Bicentennial.Team@umich.edu.

Computing at U-M

A range of opportunities to collaborate are available, from identifying important unit technology-related events to contributing to the development of the timeline-based project. In particular we are looking for web developers, writer/editors, and videographers.

The team is also open to other creative ways of working together to commemorate U-M’s rich technological history.

Learn more about the partnership opportunities.