IT Strategy: Background

The IT Council published its first IT Strategic plan in 2012. The development process involved a high level of engagement with U-M’s campuses to understand the university’s future and the implications for what is needed in our information technology. In all, well over 200 faculty, IT leaders, students, and administrative staff contributed to U-M’s first IT strategic plan, named the Road to NextGen.

The goals of that plan were to:

  • consolidate services where it made sense

  • invest in technologies that advance the mission of the university, and

  • develop a community of the workforce of U-M’s 2,400+ IT professionals (“Michigan IT”)

Upon nearing the completion of NextGen Michigan in 2015, the CIO worked closely with U-M leadership and IT governance groups to finalize a new IT strategic plan for the next 3-5 years.

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The development of the IT Strategic Plan was guided by the following objectives:

  • Build upon the momentum and investments of NextGen Michigan

  • Continue to drive consolidation, differentiation, scale and community

  • Boldly advocate for unifying the technologies of the Academic Medical Center and the Academic Campus

  • Position the university as the place to come for technology-enabled research and engaged and digitally enhanced learning at scale

  • Establish a guide for IT investments that propel innovation at the university and that advance the institution's mission

Input and Support

The Office of the CIO would like to acknowledge the members of the University of Michigan community who endorsed and supported the development of the IT Strategic Plan. There were many individuals beyond these who provided guidance, feedback, and bold ideas through the planning process:

A Brief History of IT at U-M