IT Capital Investment

Guidelines, Forms and Deadlines

IT Investment Request Forms were due on Friday, September 12, 2014. IT Investment Request Forms will be due in mid-September 2015 for the next fiscal year.

Requests are assigned to the various IT Governance committees for their review and recommended prioritization. The CIO reviews all requests alongside the committees' recommendations and prioritizes and ranks all requests. The CIO then presents the ranking to the IT Council for feedback and guidance. After consulting with the IT Council, the CIO will finalize and present the recommendations to the IT Executive Committee who approve or approve with changes.

If there are requests that only require initial up-front capital, the Provost and CFO may decide to provide funding. All requests that include increases to base funding are forwarded to the Unit who will build and run the service. Units must include the request, noting the prioritization value and rank by the IT Executive Committee in their annual budget submission, due in February. Funding decisions are made by the Provost, who evaluates all funding requests across the University, in the May time frame.

IT Investment Request Form

Business Case Templates

Investment Proposal for an Information Technology Investment and IT Funding Request Worksheet

The business case templates should only be filled out if the request has been given a high priority for receiving funding by the IT Executive Committee. The Office of the CIO will communicate priority decisions to requesters.

The purpose of these templates is to provide detailed information about the purpose, background and benefits of a proposed IT investment. The use of these templates will enable University leadership to assess and compare the benefits of one investment request to another in order to make funding decisions that maximize the benefits to the University.

(U-M authentication required to access templates)

  • Investment Proposal for an Information Technology Investment
    This template is the main business case document that is submitted for this process.

  • IT Funding Request Worksheet
    This template is added as an appendix to the business case document and is used to calculate cost and benefit figures reported in the body of the business case.

  • U-M IT Staffing Rate Card
    This document provides current U-M prime vendor pricing for contracted IT staff. This information can be used to estimate contract labor costing in the IT Funding Request Worksheet.

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