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The IT Investment Request process is being updated. Due dates for FY18 funding prioritization will be announced in August 2016.

The IT Capital Investment and Shared Service Approval process compliments the Provost's capital budget process and is an input into the University's budget process. The IT process has many similarities to the Provost's capital budget process, such as:

  • Uses the same funding source (endowment proceeds, general fund, etc.)
  • Uses governance to evaluate requests and set priorities as input to funding decisions
  • Uses the same funding decision makers (Provost, CFO)

The main difference is it that the IT Governance Committees make recommendations on the prioritization of the requests.

It is important to have an annual process to help ensure prioritization can occur across all ideas at the same time. This helps ensure that the university's long-term investments are always directed to its highest priority needs. However, requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Exceptions will be reviewed and assessed by the Office of the CIO and the U-M IT Governance committees. As the process matures, the submission frequency for funding requests may change based on need.

Yes, if the project is greater than $1 million or involves multiple units a request form still needs to be submitted. While having the appropriate funding in place is a vital component of preparing a successful proposal, there are a number of other factors that must be considered when implementing technology solutions. Some of the factors are:

  • Other schools and colleges may have a similar need. The process will foster collaboration so that we can provide more value to units at a lower cost.
  • Knowing in advance about these types of needs will help other units better support your goals. Your solution may have interdependencies with the shared infrastructure or enterprise systems or you may need assistance or use of an IT service from another group or provider on campus. By submitting your idea, the IT Governance committee's prioritization will raise the visibility—or importance—of your project with other units, which will help eliminate organizational barriers to your success.
  • This process also serves as a way to integrate and/or align the unit plans with the campus technology roadmap created through the Enterprise Architecture process.

Yes, we expect there to be a lot of great ideas. With every new idea there is often a need to utilize and/or integrate with systems and services from other campus units. Submitting your project ideas through this process helps the IT Governance Committees Members and Domain Stewards be aware of the priority of your project. By communicating priorities to other campus service providers, we can help you ensure your plans are as successful as they can be. Please note, it is expected that all request submissions have been approved within your unit before you submit through this process.

This process applies to all schools and colleges, including the health science schools such as the Medical and Dental schools, administrative units, institutes and centers. While the hospital, health centers and clinics have a separate IT funding process and are not part of the process for funding requests, these areas are encouraged to use this process as a way to share their plans and:

  • Integrate and/or align their unit plans with the campus technology roadmap created through the Enterprise Architecture process.
  • Determine if the enterprise systems and the shared infrastructure can properly support their solution.
  • Increase visibility or importance of their project with other units, which will help eliminate organizational barriers.

Please use this process to submit your request, especially if your idea benefits more than your unit. The appropriate U-M IT Governance committee will prioritize your request regardless of the funding source. The channel for funding requests less than $1M starts in your unit and utilizes the organization hierarchy.

Anyone (committees, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.) can submit a request. However, all requests for funding must be approved by the person with budgetary authority within your unit prior to submitting through this process. Please use the request form to include the names of the committees, organizations and/or sets of leaders who support your idea and who would receive the resulting benefit of the idea. We encourage the submission of innovative ideas that will help achieve the goals of NextGen Michigan.

If you have questions or need assistance on how to complete the request form, please contact and note IT Capital Request in the subject line. The request form is not meant to create a lot of effort on your part, but rather provide the minimum amount of information to communicate the idea, determine the value it brings and provide a sense of return on the investment.

You may be contacted by staff in the Office of the CIO for clarification of your request at any time throughout the process. As the requests go through the U-M IT Governance Committee for prioritization, results will be posted on the Office of the CIO website. If your funding request is approved, you will receive an email notification.

For most requests, you should expect to receive an initial contact within a week of it being submitted. The review time will vary based on (1) the scope and size of the proposed project and (2) how well the needs and approach of the proposed project are understood.

The Enterprise Architecture team provides consultative support and does not approve or deny a proposed project. Recommendations coming from the team are made based on guiding principles as defined in the Charter document (see "Scope" on page 3).

No. The approval process supports IT shared services provided across unit lines—at the school, college and administrative level—rather than services within a particular unit.