Shared Service Governance Advisory Group Charge


U-M Information and Technology Services (ITS) is committed to operating as a Shared Services Provider, incorporating campus input to help shape priorities and provide oversight of services. This distinguishes ITS from "Central Providers" and from previous business-as-usual practices.

Advisory Group Expectations

ITS asks that individuals from campus come together to form advisory groups that will provide a strong customer voice to guide the delivery of specific shared services. ITS believes it can better serve campus if guided by groups that:

  • Collaborate with ITS, providing guidance to support well-run services that meet the needs of campus and add value
  • Provide input on cost, quality, and the adoption of services
  • Work with ITS staff to facilitate feedback from faculty, staff, and students via multiple forums
  • Help shape and align communications about the service to best meet the needs of the user community
  • Provide advice to prioritize continuous improvement efforts
  • Evaluate cost and quality of service against expectations (i.e., Service Level Expectations)
  • Identify changing conditions on campus that call for new or changed service expectations
  • Recommend any major enhancements requiring capital investment or changes to cost recovery (e.g., rates)
  • Recommend any reduction in features or service (including retiring the service) when seeking cost reduction or cost avoidance


Given the diverse and distributed nature of the University, transparency to the community is essential. ITS will provide a communication channel (e.g., website) to help the community understand the existence, role, and membership of the advisory groups, and to share meeting notes and other output of the groups. ITS will also provide support to the groups for two-way communications with campus, to ensure the campus has a way to voice their questions, concerns, and input.