Mission Domains


  • Serve as voice and representative for defined campus constituencies
  • Set strategic agenda for respective domain
  • Communicate outcomes and decisions back to constituents
  • Lead collaboration efforts across campus
  • Advocate for resource allocations for respective areas based on U-M strategy and operating constraints
  • Ensure constituents have opportunity for input and reaction
  • Create team, review board, and communities as appropriate


Each domain is sponsored by a U-M executive officer and member of the U-M IT Executive Committee.


Domain Stewards are senior faculty members who represent university constituents with vested interests in each specific Mission Domain.

Sponsor Domain(s)
Jack Hu
Interim Vice President for Research
Martha Pollack
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Teaching & Learning
Michael M.E. Johns
Interim Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs
Patient Care
Steward Domain
Deborah Ball
Dean, School of Education
Teaching & Learning
James Hilton
Vice Provost for Digital Educational Initiatives
Eric Michelsson
Associate Vice President for Advanced Research Computing
Andrew Rosenberg
Chief Medical Information Officer, U-M Health System
Patient Care