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Upcoming Meetings:

  • September 16, 2016
  • October 14, 2016
  • November 11, 2016
  • December 9, 2016

Vision Statement

The Information Technology Council (ITC) of the University of Michigan envisions a future for the University in which:

  • Members of the community have the freedom to choose from an array of tools and devices that are supported by a common infrastructure.
  • Strive to provide ubiquitous access to resources, learning experiences, and colleagues at the University and beyond to meet the rising expectations of access to everything from anywhere.
  • Collaboration—supporting knowledge sharing, education, and research—is seamless and independent of time, location, unit, level, or institution.
  • Technology enables new directions and business models (e.g., lifelong and life-wide learning) that extend globally and beyond institutional boundaries.
  • Computing infrastructure and services are integrated across the core missions of the university.
  • Computing infrastructure and services are built to support innovation, flexibility, efficiency, effective use of data, and functional completeness.
  • Provide education, community support and resources to allow individuals to use technology to do amazing things.


  • Develop vision and strategic direction for shared information and communication technologies for entire university
  • Review and prioritize projects that align with U-M IT strategy
  • Individual members are responsible for representing and communicating with their constituencies



Member Role
Jessica Aboukasm
Undergraduate Student, LSA
Student Representative
James Ashton-Miller
Associate Vice President for Research Policy & Compliance, Office of Research
Information and Infrastructure Assurance Domain Steward
Lindsay Blackwell
Graduate Student, School of Information
Student Representative
Daniel Brown
Interim Dean, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Dean Representative
Mark Burns
T.C. Chang Professor of Engineering and Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty Representative
Thomas Finholt
Dean, School of Information
Dean Representative
Barry Fishman
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Information and Education
Teaching and Learning Domain Steward
James Hilton
University Librarian and Dean of University Libraries
Knowledge Domain Steward
James Holloway, IT Council Chair
Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education, Professor of Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences
Administrative Domain Steward (Student Administration)
Aadi Krishna
Undergraduate Informatics, LSA
Student Representative
Timothy McKay
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Physics, Professor Astronomy and Director of the Honors Program, LSA
Faculty Representative
David Mendez
Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health
Faculty Representative
Eric Michielssen
Associate Vice President for Advanced Research Computing
Research Domain Steward
TBD Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President, Information and Technology Services
James Penner-Hahn
George A. Lindsay Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics, Associate Dean for Budget and Planning, LSA
Dean Representative
Andrew Rosenberg
Interim Chief Information Officer, U-M Health System and Medical School
Patient Care Domain Steward
Andrew Rosenberg Interim Chief Information Officer, U-M Health System and Medical School
David Sweetman
Director of LSA Information Technology
Unit IT Steering Committee Representative
Stephanie Teasley
Research Professor, School of Information
Faculty Representative
Laurita Thomas
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Administrative Domain Steward