Administrative Domains


Sponsor Domain(s)
Kevin Hegarty
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Human Resources
Physical Resources
Jack Hu
Interim Vice President for Research
Research Administration
E. Royster Harper
Vice President for Student Affairs
Student Co-Curricular
Jerry A. May
Vice President for Development
Martha Pollack
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Student Administration
Lisa Rudgers
Vice President for Global Communications and Strategic Initiatives

Administrative Domain Advisory Committee (ADAC)

The Administrative Domain Advisory Committee's purpose is to convene stewards from across the university to:

  • Provide guidance, oversight, and strategic thinking on information technology investments that support U-M administrative functions;

  • Help prioritize new investments and define approaches to optimize the use of existing administrative IT assets in support of the University's vision, mission and strategic imperatives.


The committee seeks to improve the alignment between the administrative application portfolio and the current and future strategic needs of the University. Specifically, the committee will:

  • Provide a forum for discussions of issues concerning administrative systems domain that have consequences for the broader University community
  • Review and advise on an integrated administrative application portfolio and investment strategy for the administrative system domain
  • Approve and monitor applications strategy and its alignment to University strategy
  • Prioritize investments (projects, resource allocation) in administrative applications and infrastructure
  • Communicate strategy, project priorities, and capital funding requests to the IT Council as appropriate
  • Communicate about and support administrative applications strategies within their home organization and help communicate throughout the University
  • Provide feedback on issues and concerns from within their domain or home organization

This committee is not limited to those assets purchased and/or managed by ITS. Assets in scope include those currently supported by:

  • Information and Technology Services (ITS)
  • Central Offices
  • External Providers
  • Individual Schools and other Units

Assets include not only physical assets, but also the applications, services, tools, business processes, data resources, methods, competencies, strategic vendor relationships and strategies for using physical assets effectively.


Domain stewards are senior administrators who represent university constituents with vested interests in each specific administrative area. Click on a domain for information on advisory groups and committees that provide input to stewards.

Steward Domain
Anjali Anturkar
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Student Co-Curricular
Kim Kiernan
Business Manager, Office of the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations
Physical Resources
James Gorman
Interim Director of Procurement Services
Finance and Procurement
Paul Robinson
Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar
Student Administration
James Holloway, IT Council Rep
Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education
Student Administration
Daryl Weinert
Associate Vice President for Research-Sponsored Projects
Research Administration
Karen Isble
Senior Executive Director, Campaign, Development Services and Strategic Solutions
Steve Schram
Director of Michigan Public Media
Laurita Thomas, Chair and IT Council Rep
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Human Resources

The committee chairperson is appointed by the U-M Chief Information Officer and serves as chair for two years.

At-Large Members

In addition to the members above, the committee includes several at-large members from the Provost's Office and two to three school/colleges that complement the committee's span as defined by the various sub-domains. At-large representatives are invited by the Chair and serve a two-year term.

Member(s) Area
James Bell
Chief Administrative Officer, School of Medicine
Marcy Brighton
Chief Administrative Officer, Gerald Ford School of Public Policy
Deborah Mero
Executive Director of Resource Planning and Management, College of Engineering
Holly Nielsen
Administrative Services Portfolio Owner
Information and Technology Services
Jo Ann Preissner
Academic Affairs Assistant Vice Provost
Provost's Office
Steven Schlecht
Director, Budget, Finance and Information Services, LSA
Valerie Suslow
Louis and Myrtle Moskowitz Research Professor of Business and Law, Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy and Senior Associate Dean for MBA Programs, Stephen M Ross School of Business