Customer Relations

Unit Representatives

  • Unit Representatives
    The Unit Representatives group brings together individuals from campus organizations with ITS project leaders to prepare our units—and the university as a whole—for new IT services. The customer relations team works closely with Unit Representatives and other unit leaders to ensure that current services and future technologies serve the missions of the various campus units.


The Customer Relations team members act as liaisons between campus units and Information and Technology Services. We visit campus units across the entire U-M community to inform them, to learn about their business requirements and priorities, and to advocate for their technology needs. Our focus is on building relationships that provide both the campus units and ITS with better communication and closer partnership by connecting campus units with the appropriate technology resources.

We regularly meet with leadership from the campus units as well as ITS and other technology groups to address:

  • What's new and changing with campus IT services and projects?
  • How can technology help address long-term strategic goals as well as support current challenges?
  • How are the CIO and ITS doing in meeting the needs of the units with our current and planned IT services?

We work to understand the needs, challenges, and concerns of campus and to produce better outcomes. We do this by:

  • Listening — We ensure that customer feedback needed to make service improvements is communicated with the rest of ITS.
  • Communicating — We strive to provide useful, timely, and relevant information.
  • Connecting — We bring the right people from the Michigan IT community together to work on challenging issues.
  • Advocating — We represent and amplify the technology needs to support each unit’s unique mission.
  • Planning — We discover trends and emerging needs that can be used to shape IT services and strategy.

Customer Relations Contacts

Please let us know if you need help locating resources related to campus IT services, and especially services provided by ITS. We'd love to hear your feedback on where IT is doing well, and where it can better support your mission. You can contact the Customer Relations team member assigned to your unitin the list below or reach the entire team at to get connected.

Academic/Research Units

Unit Relationship Manager
College of Engineering Colleen McCormick
College of Literature, Science and the Arts Colleen McCormick
College of Pharmacy Rene Derieux
Ford School of Public Policy Colleen McCormick
Institute for Social Research Colleen McCormick
Law School Colleen McCormick
Life Sciences Institute Rene Derieux
Medical School Colleen McCormick
U-M Office of Research Colleen McCormick
Rackham Graduate School Colleen McCormick
Ross School of Business Colleen McCormick
School of Dentistry Colleen McCormick
School of Education Rene Derieux
School of Information Rene Derieux
School of Kinesiology Rene Derieux
School of Music, Theatre & Dance Colleen McCormick
School for Environment and Sustainability Rene Derieux
School of Nursing Rene Derieux
School of Public Health Rene Derieux
School of Social Work Rene Derieux
Stamps School of Art & Design Colleen McCormick
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Colleen McCormick
University Library Rene Derieux
UM-Dearborn Colleen McCormick
UM-Flint Colleen McCormick

Administration, Clinical, and Operations

Unit Relationship Manager
Division of Public Safety and Security Colleen McCormick
Executive Offices
  • Regents
  • President's Office
  • Secretary of the University
  • Government Affairs
  • General Counsel
Colleen McCormick
Facilities & Operations Rene Derieux
  • Financial Operations (includes Payroll)
  • Investment Office
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Treasurer's Office
  • Financial Analysis
Rene Derieux
Global Communications & Strategic Initiatives
  • Public Affairs
  • News Services
  • Marketing
  • Communications Administration & Policy
  • Michigan Public Media
Colleen McCormick
Human Resources Rene Derieux
Office of the Provost Rene Derieux
Office of University Development Rene Derieux
Academic Affairs
  • Center for Educational Outreach
  • Center of Research on Learning and Teaching
  • Detroit Center
  • Financial Aid
  • National Center for Institutional Diversity
  • New Student Programs
  • Office of Academic and Multi-Cultural Initiatives
  • Office of Budget and Planning
  • Officer Education Programs (Air Force, Army, Navy)
  • Registrar
  • Undergraduate Admissions
Rene Derieux
Shared Services Center Rene Derieux
Student Life
  • University Unions
  • University Housing
  • University Health Service
  • Additional Departments
Rene Derieux
University Audits Rene Derieux
U-M Hospitals, Health Centers and Clinics (UMHHC) Colleen McCormick

Additional Units

Unit Relationship Manager
Alumni Association Rene Derieux
Center for the Education of Women Rene Derieux
Confucius Institute Rene Derieux
Cultural Collections Rene Derieux
Academic Innovation Rene Derieux
Institute of Continuing Legal Education Colleen McCormick
Intercollegiate Athletics Colleen McCormick
University Musical Society Rene Derieux